Physicians / Consultants

The ancient healthcare wisdom of Ayurveda has become an inseparable entity in the traditional healthcare systems of Kerala. Poomully family has to its credit many accomplished ayurveda physicians in the past and in the present. Their excellence in mastering the art and science of Ayurveda were acknowledged by rulers and noble men in the past by availing of their services.

AshtaVidyan Doctor Vidya Madom Rishikumaran Nampoothiri ( Chief Physician)

The younger son of ayurveda legened Ashtavaidyan Vaidya madom Valiya Narayanan Namboodiri –2 (1912-1988), after passing out from the college, got trained under his legendry father. Later Joined as Medical Officer with Ayurveda Department Government of Kerala . After illustrious service of 37 years retired as District Medical Officer. His Father was a legendary figure in his life time . He was sometimes referred to as the most efficient Ayurvedic physician so far born. Unlike his father he travelled extensively through the length and breadth of the country to treat patients of chronic and complicated diseases, to deliver lectures on Ayurveda and to partake in discussions and seminars pertaining to the propagation of various treatment modalities cited in the Ayurveda texts. Due to his extensive knowledge on various subjects like Sanskrit, Vedas, Mythology, ancient Indian Culture and Classical arts etc., he was considered as a living encyclopedia. Being a versatile genius he commanded high respect from every walk of life.

The last Kutipraveshikam in the history of Ayurveda was performed by him some fifty years ago. Supervised by his father and assisted by his son, he performed Kutipraveshikam for his friend and close companion, the late Poomully Vasudevan Namboodiripad. He took up many a complicated case which other physicians dared not and he displayed an intense passion while dealing with various cases. The honorary title of VAIDYASHASTRA MAHODADHI was conferred on him by Sree Sree Kanchikamakoti Matathipathi Sree Jayendra Saraswathi Swamikal, for his outstanding contributions to Ayurveda.

Associated with Poomulli Aramthampuran's Ayurvedamana as Chief Physician.

  • Other than the Chief Consultant, the services of Specialized consultants are available from time to time. The Services of two full time Resident Medical Offices ( Male and Female) are available round the clock for the service of clients.

The main ingredients of Ayurvedic products are taken from the herbs. Experts in Dravya Guna-plant identification-examine each batch of harvested herbs. It takes great attention and expertise to correctly identify herbs. Each batch of herbs is then sorted for quality.

We use traditional methods of extraction and processing. Extracts are processed using steam distillation, never with alcohol or benzene. Different ingredients or components are added to a formulation at the specific times and temperatures detailed in the texts to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the final formulation.

Some of the treatments included in the Mana are:

General health care treatment
Beauty Care treatment
Panchakarma treatment
Obesity (Weight loss)
Slip desk and Back ache
Sports injuries
Skin diseases

E.N.T diseases
Stress relief
Bronchial diseases
Facial paralysis and body
Neurological complaints
Motor Neuro diseases
Parkinson's disease

Other doctors
Dr. K.V. Raghava Varrier B.A.M ( Consultant)

Born on 30-07-1954, in the famous Ayurveda Family Completed B.A.M.(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine) And Started Privite Practice as General Practioner for two Years. Later Joined Kottakal Arya Vidya Sala and worked their in different departments for 14 years. Worked with reputed Ayurveda establishments like Kairali Ayurvedic Resort as Physician, at Deseeya Ayurvedic Pharmacy ,Calicut as Production Manager,As Physician at Ayurveda Retreat Hospital ,Coonoor, As Resident Consultant at Swaswa, Gokarna(C G H Experience Hotels) and last two years experience at Amma Ayur Centre,Malaysia.

  • Other than the above consultants, we bring specialized Senior Consultants on weekly basis and full time services of Resident Medical Officers ( Male and Female) are available round the clock for the service of clients.